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The Project Se7en is not just “another event”. We gather a group of talent designers on the grid who offer high quality designs AS WELL AS some small-to-mid scale stores with unique and original creations that you seldom see in events. TP7 do not limit on themes and varieties. We aim to meet with large variety of guests from different genders, different tastes, different styles and different countries.

The Project Se7en runs on the 30th of every quarter (i.e. March, June, Sept, Dec) of the year.


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The Crystal Heart Festival is an exclusive event dedicated to all Mahou Shoujo anime and manga such as; Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew and Card Captor Sakura, portrayed from a heroes vs. villains perspective. Here you’ll find a unique line of fashion, cosplay and creations interpreted by some of the best designers across the grid. Come join us on 30th June 2017 as the adventure begins!

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The Kawaii Project is an event focused on Kawaii creations from amazing designers. It offer varieties of items from clothing to decor, from appliers to poses. The Kawaii Project has specific theme for every other round. It opens every month on the 20th and end on 15th of the month.


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The Seasons Story started in 2013 with the idea of an event focused on the four seasons mother nature gives to us. Each round is specific to the time of the year:  Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are the themes that the gathered creators focus on. The event opens on the 10th at Midnight SLT: ✿ January – Winter ✿ April – Spring ✿ July – Summer ✿ October – Autumn


TLCLOGO - 2015

TLC has brought the Second Life population creations from some of the top creators on the grid! Each month, TLC brings you the best in fashion, home and garden, and poses all brought together in an exclusive gathering of themed events since 2013. All events start on the 7th and end on the 30th of the month.





We ❤ Role-Play is a monthly shopping event catering mainly, but NOT solely, to role-players. It was the first and original monthly event (open on the 4th of each month) on this scale and so far is the most successful one still.




The goal of .Whimsical. is to unite some of the grid’s best artists in a unique and creative shopping event. .Whimsical. is NOT meant to be an entirely fantasy based event but it is an inspired event where every genre of customer can find something they will love from modern wear to fantasy.

Whimsical is a quarterly event opens on 18th Feb, May, Aug, Nov.



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Please direct any questions regarding to Designer Application / Blogger Application to Fine Frankel ( We guarantee for 24 hours reply. Thank you!